I’m a mindful Berlin-based UX UI Designer with a background in architecture.

I'm specialized in designing digital products for companies with about 2+ years of experience. I'm a strong analyst and thinker that is using his skills to align business and user needs.

My path & skills

Born in 1988 in Germany with a French heritage, I pursued my architecture studies in Paris and embarked on an exchange year in Japan. In 2017, I relocated to Berlin, where I began my career as an architect.

Over the course of four years, I dedicated myself to the creation of innovative architectural designs. During this time, I managed a variety of projects and successfully led an international team.

While my fervor for architecture remains unwavering, I also harbor a profound enthusiasm for User Research and User Interface Design. These fields share intriguing parallels, allowing me to seamlessly translate my architectural skills into the realm of UX/UI Design. In early 2022, I proudly graduated from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Ironhack.

Central to my approach is the user, who takes precedence in all my designs. Crafting an app signifies crafting a sophisticated and powerful tool that enhances the user's life while maintaining safety and ethical considerations. In a world seemingly dominated by technology, I'm committed to designing interfaces that users can engage with safely and ethically.

During my leisure time, I find solace in painting and engaging in physical activities such as calisthenics and surfing.

Ironhack Certificate

Resume / CV

architecture Portfolio

Tools, I use:
Google Analytics
Adobe XD
User Research
Competitor Analysis
Style Tile
Style Guide
Mood Board
User Flow
User Journey
User Story
Mock ups
A/B Testing

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